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Kerry: Palm Springs I

Jake Genesis: Wall


Kerry: Palm Springs II

Kerry: Palm Springs IV

Jackson Gun: Palm Springs III

Kerry: Palm Springs III

Kerry: Palm Springs V

Cristian Torrent: Pool

Vin Marco: Muscle Spa


Xavier at the Adonis Lounge

Vin Marco: Desert Heat

Damien: Muscle Daddy

Xavier: Hairy Muscle

Vin Marco Self Portrait

Damien Muscle Daddy

Vin Marco: Inked Muscle

Vin Marco: Window

Damien: Stairs

Vin Marco: Red

Spencer: Debut

Mario Debut

Tyler David: Singlet

Stills: Tim Adonis - Debut

Tyler David 3

Damien: Muscle Grit

Gerrard Tilson 2

Vin Marco: New York

Xavier Hairy Glow


Tyler David Jock Muscle

Marc Scalvo-Photoset

Vin Marco Desert

Michael Davros

Ray Milshire

Gerrard Tilson

Tyler David: Photoset

Chris Knight

Andy Brighmon

Micheal Davros

Marc Scalvo-Photoset

Tyler David: Photoset

Marc Scalvo-Photoset

Riley Manchester

Stills: Tim Adonis - Stairs

Tyler David: Photoset

Xavier Muscle Stairs

Angelo Antonio

Blake Nolan: Tool Stills

Angelo Antonio

Xavier Muscle Shadows

Tim Adonis Fire

Mike Buffalari Strokes: Stills

Tim Adonis Blue

Rico: Shower Stills

Xavier Muscle Mirror

Stills: Tim Adonis - Behind the Scenes

Tim Adonis Shadow

Xavier LIVE: Stills

Alejandro Solo Shower: Stills

Cody Miller - Sweat: Stills

Mike Buffalari

Mike Buffalari: Stills

Mike Buffalari

Angelo Antonio

Mike Buffalari

Angelo Antonio

Mike Buffalari

Kerry: Big Blonde Muscle

Damon Danilo Red Trunks

Damon Danilo Sunset Muscle

Kerry : Blue Trunks

Damon Danilo Muscle Flight

Damon Danilo Blue Trunks

Kerry : Hairy Muscle

Damon Danilo Silk Tie

Caesar Tie

Christian Alexander

Matt Rush White Jeans

Mike Buffalari In The Corner

Mike Buffalari Window

Kerry : Tools II

Kerry : Tools I

Kerry : Cliffs

Vin Marco Coveralls

Ali Galani Sunset

Mike Buffalari Cap

Xavier Muscle Bear

Kerry : Beach III

Matt Rush Terrace

Kerry : Beach II

Kerry : Beach I

Caesar Black

Mike Buffalari Boots

Kerry : Studio 1010

Vic Rocco Ocotillo

Peter Latz Studio 1010 Black

Matt Rush Red Tank

Mike Buffalari Gray Tank


Kerry : Cargo Sunset

Vic Rocco Terrace

Kerry : MMA

Logan Jock

Matt Rush Army Green

Behind The Scenes

Xavier Window

KyleStevens Salute

Caesar Gray

Manifest Men Group

Alejandro Ocean View 02

Kerry : Red Tank

Caesar Green

Apollo Phoenix Balcony

Mitchell Rock Studio 1010

Frank DeFeo Terrace

Rusty Winchester Suite

Frank DeFeo Terrace Two

Damon Danilo Red

Xavier Biker

Vin Marco Roughneck

Vin Marco Alley

Vin Marco Rope

Peter Latz Golden Light


Big Roger Jock

Mitchell Rock Palm Springs

Zeb Atlas Hairy Muscle

Zeb Atlas Sunset

Zeb Atlas Vegas

Xavier Studio 1010

Logan Oceanview

Alejandro Ocean View 01

Hadyn Taggert White Chair

ABomb Suite

Matt Rush Sunset

Zeb Atlas: Rooftop

Damon Danilo Sunset

Rico Studio 1010 White

Xavier Sunset

Vic Rocco: Ocean View

Alexandre Blue Sky

Dino Leather

Dino White Chair

Damon Danilo Window

Hadyn Taggert Terrace

Xavier Ocean View

Troy Stevens Studio Black

Zeb Atlas Cowboy

Matt Rush Rooftop

Apollo Phoenix Studio White

Kyle Stevens Sunset

Alejandro Penthouse

Zeb Atlas Ocotillo Two

Vin Marco Torn

Alejandro Swim Suit

Zeb Atlas Studio 1010 Black

Apollo Phoenix Couch

Damon Danilo Stairs

Ali Galani Studio 1010 White

Xavier Balcony

Zeb Atlas Ocotillo

Matt Rush Bad Bunny

Alejandro Gym Shorts

Troy Stevens Hammer

Sean Jones Ocotillo

Vin Marco Shower

Christian Adams Red Chair

Rico Sunset

ABomb Young Big Muscle Stud

Damon Danilo Orange

Ali Galani Plaid

Peter Latz Sunset

Alejandro Studio 1010 Black

Cody Miller Sunset

Rico Gray

ABomb Classic

Cody Miller Gold

Johnny Castle Studio White

Frank DeFeo Suite

Zeb Atlas Studio 1010 White

Cody Miller Studio 1010 Black

Sean Jones

Mario De Leon Blue

Mitchell Rock Suite

Zeb Atlas Rails

Alexandre Studio 1010 Black

Christian Adams Shadow

Vin Marco Maple

Johnny Castle Blue

ABomb Lumberjack

Rusty Winchester Texan

Kash Fernando Sunset

Frank DeFeo Cap

Alain Lamas Young Latin Muscle Stud

Caleb Belted

Mario De Leon Suite

Mitchell Rock Ocotillo

Frank DeFeo Wet

Kash Fernando Studio 1010 White

Caleb Studio White

Cody Young

Frank DeFeo Posers

Sean Patrick Football

Peter Latz Green Tee

Peter Latz Noon

Alan Demond Nude Bodybuilder Workout

Rusty Winchester Beach

Caleb Tank

Frank DeFeo Red Chair

Vin Marco Football

Sean Patrick Debut

Sean Patrick Shower

Giovanni Studio Black

Kyle Stevens

Xavier Studio 1010 Black

Damon Danilo Studio White

Vin Marco Studio White

Rusty Winchester Army Green

Aaron Austin Shower

Derek Russo Gym

Giovanni Warrior

Aaron Austin Patio

Vin Marco Overalls

Sean Patrick Workout

Frank DeFeo Camo

Giovanni Studio White

Damon Danilo Debut

Troy Stevens Jock

Caleb Band

Aaron Austin Pool

Big Roger

Frank DeFeo Sport

Vin Marco Grey Tank

Caleb Dropcloth

Caleb Studio Black


Aaron Austin Debut

Vin Marco Suit

Vin Marco Red Tank

Damon Danilo Chair

Vin Marco Mirror

Johnny Castle Studio Black

Vin Marco Industrial

Damon Danilo Blue Tank

Gabe Marco

Johnny Cruise

Vin Marco Stairs

Vin Marco Tunnel

Vin Marco Bedroom

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