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Manifest Men Reviews!

What does the gay online press say about Manifest Men? The reviews below say it all. With very high satisfaction ratios, the highest quality material and customer service, Manifest Men sets the standard for online gay bodybuilder and muscleman erotica. GayPornSpace.com says "They are handsome, masculine, muscular, sexy hunk men. Anyone can build a fit body, but not everyone can be a Manifest Man." JustUsBoys.com says "Manifest caters to muscle worship fans... Hardcore beefcake men with 20-inch biceps and 50-inch chests... bubble butts so big you could bounce a quarter right off them and hit the ceiling!" Read more below. How much muscle can you handle?


"Manifest Men is one of the top sites for bodybuilders and hunks, pure and simple. You've got loads of great looking guys here, members videos to view, or on demand, a model index, galleries, interviews, previews, a live chat area with a performance schedule, and a blog. And at the heart of all this are the beefcakes, the muscle men and gym guys who defy description. There are reasonable prices for your memberships and viewing credits too."
"'Manifest Men is a stunning website. It's beautifully designed and showcases their bodybuilders and muscle men nicely. And after poking around and watching some of their videos, I have to say that I'm a huge fan. I admit that I didn't really get the whole muscle worship thing. I've reviewed a few other muscle worship sites that didn't really show much in the way of cock or cum shots, and I just didn't get it. Sure, who doesn't like looking at a ripped and bulging muscle man, but at the end of the day, I want to see cock. After visiting Manifest Men, I get muscle worship. And that's because Manifest Men produces superb videos and photos. But they also show lots of cock and cum shots, so I get the best of both worlds.."
"'How much muscle can you handle?' asks this site when you log in. If your answer is 'loads worth', then you are in luck. This site is for you! With tons of pumped-up jocks to choose from, this cornucopia of muscle mass will have you pumping your own muscle for hours on end." Colt Spencer AVN Online
"Manifest Men it one of those rare site that seems to get everything just right. The guys are all hard and hunky – this is definitely a no twink zone – and the filming and photography is spot on. No problems with quality, navigation, design or updates. In fact no problems with anything really. Get involved with comments and ratings, stay tuned for more hot content and make sure you go for the full sign up. You will not regret it."
The men in these videos are incredible! If you are into beefy, full- blown muscle-men, you'll be in heaven here. Apart from their physiques, the men also have huge, thick cocks. I don't know where these men come from, but they are very impressive. There is tons of muscle worship going on, with the model dominating the viewer with his muscles.
Se i twink boys non sono il vostro genere e se al contrario amate i fustaccioni muscolosi alla Vin Diesel MANIFESTME.COM, sito adult on line dal marzo 2005, è decisamente "il posto" che fa per voi. Il portale è caratterizzato da un design estremamente elegante dove a prevalere sono i colori scuri che cingono armoniosamente le sensuali immagini presenti sulle sue facciate. Recandovi sull'homepage e cliccando sul pulsante Sample Videos potrete gustarvi tre sexy trailers.
"With his ripped, rock hard muscle, Vin Marco has been setting the muscle worship world on fire. With his live shows on manifestmuscle.com and the hot videos and image galleries at manifestmen.com, Vin Marco is the answer to a muscle worship fantasy and he delivers in front of the camera and now behind as well. After working with other producers, Vin and his partner Alex decided to form their own company that caters to those who love muscle. Together, they have created their own genre of muscle worship video with an emphasis on creativity, locations and costumes. 'We knew we could do things different and bring something to the viewer that most sites and studios weren't doing' states Vin."
"What is a Manifest Man? The answers are as varied as our models. For some, massive muscle is the key. For others, it is an intense aura of masculinity combined with a built physique. Whether they be youthful or mature, Manifest Men have one thing in common and it is clear to all who see them. They are handsome, masculine, muscular, sexy hunk men. Anyone can build a fit body, but not everyone can be a Manifest Man."
“Manifest Men caters to muscle worship fans. It's the brainchild of Vin Marco, a super-hot, bald body builder - 6'1”, 230 pounds, 19-inch biceps, and a 9-inch cock. And his site is packed with so much beefcake and testosterone that it smells like a locker room after the big winning game - yes, you can practically smell it oozing off your computer screen. The Manifest Men are serious body builders. These aren't casual “I need to look great for Saturday night” kind of workout guys. These are hardcore beefcake men with 20-inch biceps and 50-inch chests, with bubble butts so big and taught that you could bounce the proverbial quarter right off them and hit the ceiling.”
sand, the wind -- all her. But the most interesting achievement here is one that is made of flesh and blood: Vin Marco. He's an ultra-masculine muscle-hottie with a menacing glare in his eyes that's both a threat and a promise -- it threatens to get you off, and promises that it won't hurt. Vin poses and struts about, eventually revealing his huge dick. It's a mouthwatering sight, and it's no mirage. It's long, veined, and just the right thickness (for me, at least), a real stunner, and he knows it...as he strokes, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm not kidding, just before he pops his load it becomes thick as his wrist. He shoots a messy load all over his torso, creating an outrageous mixture of cum, sweat and sand." *** Highly Recommended *** A DVD Review by Butch Harris ( http://ManNet.com )
"The uberhot Vin Marco continues his march toward world porn domination (which is fine with us) with the launch of his new company, Manifest Muscle: 'I was so tired of seeing a hot guy in a pair of cut off shorts, construction boots and a hard hat ... We really hoped to offer the public something I felt the industry was lacking and breaking away from the mold that the current studios seem to be stuck in'. And what about that other Vin to whom he bears a resemblance? 'I have never met him but I would be curious to see his facial expression if he ever saw me'." - JD/RM
A dream to navigate, ManifestMen.com features super-fit beefcake in crisp and professional photo sets as well as in equally impressive video galleries. These boys are BIG and, luckily for you, they like to show off their bulging assets for the camera. The quality of the visual and audio is top-notch all around.
Manifest Men answers the call of anyone who wants to worship muscle. We're talking huge bulging biceps, enormous quads, incredible lats and beautiful glutes. These dudes are sheer perfection and unlike some musclemen, they seem rather naturally endowed down below their toned abs too. I'll be honest, smooth hairless muscles have never it done it for me, but these fellows are making me rethink my taste.




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