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Mike Buffalari : Photos : Window 17 Photos

Mike Buffalari : Photos : Window

This set contains 17 photos and is NSFW


A model that had worked with us in the past sent Mike Buffalari our way.  Mike was someone that contacted me as opposed to me contacting him.  He sent a few candid pics as requested.  I prefer that guys send us candid pics with their model application. Candid pics tell so much, and sometimes the "Photoshopped" pics don't always give a true representation of what the model actually looks like. We pride ourselves on not putting up these kind of images in our Image Galleries.

Mike is from the east coast, he is a real New York Italian.  You can see his "edge" in the way he smiles.  He has the voice to go along with his "east coast" demeanor.  I liked him from the get go, I could tell from his sense  of style that he took great pride in his look and physique. He came dressed pretty slick and I immediately told myself that I would capture him exactly as he was.  I wanted Mike to be Mike, just as he is, without the gimmicks often seen on other sites.  What you see is what you get with this New York bad ass. I say bad ass because Mike is a true martial artist, a Tae Kwon Do practitioner of many years.  His physique shows the dedication and discipline that bodybuilding and martial arts require.

Mike has a dead pan sense of humor that is most evident in the hour long LIVE web cam chat that he hosted for our members.  The LIVE chat can be found in the archived LIVE chats section of our site. Watch it and tell me if I am off base regarding his NYC confident, cocky, yet not overly arrogant ways. I think after you see the images, the great videos, and the LIVE chat, you will enjoy Mike Buffalari as much as we enjoyed having him around the manifestmen.com loft. Click the links below to see the photos he submitted with his model application.  He kinda has that retro look, but never did he tell us he possessed a hard-on that pointed to the sky :)

Vin Marco

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Comments: 2

Mike looks great, I would like to see some more pics a little more XXX, like ones showing his butt hole spread, just a little more in general. His a very good looking sexy guy.
Mike, you are so awesome, so macho! I like you very much specilly ur cute cock!


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Gabe Marco

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