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Tim Adonis : Photos : Stills:- Stairs 51 Photos

Tim Adonis : Photos : Stills:- Stairs

This set contains 51 photos and is NSFW

With a hair of golden curly hair classically handsome Tim Adonis could easily be the model for a revival of Greco-Roman sculpture but this modern day stud with flawless smooth skin is as down-to-earth as they come. Serious, yes but with an edge.

After you have wetted your appetite for muscle, you can see this stud and his dancers live at the Adonis Lounge in Brooklyn.

Find more information at his facebook page for show dates and location..

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Blond, curly haired bad boy Tim Adonis likes to show off his body every chance he gets. Standing on the stairway with a purplish blue light as the background, Tim closes his eyes and thinks of sexy things as he pleasures himself without a moment’s regard for the camera. 

As a strong, confident straight guy, he exudes bravado and is perfectly content in his own skin. He loves his body and daydreams of wielding power and influence over others, because as they say, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.  He is large and in charge, ready to sword fight with his long curved cock against any predator trying to invade his territory.

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