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Michael Davros : Photos : Micheal Davros 43 Photos

Michael Davros : Photos : Micheal Davros

This set contains 43 photos and is NSFW

Michael Davros is young and smooth with a confident swagger and the good looks of a fashion model. He loves to pose and strut because he knows he looks good. With a bit of a knowing smirk on his face it's easy to see he has full awareness that legions of fans like to look at him.

They say genetics play the biggest part of a bodybuilder's success, and for Michael Davros, he certainly picked the right parents. It's clear he came right out of the shoot with a chiseled frame ready to pack on some major muscle as he grows up.

Though he's young, you can see great potential - his upper chest is pumped, his biceps are peaked, his abs are like stacks of brick, and it's all covered in velvety smooth skin devoid of tattoos.

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In this set of stills, Michael Davros really wants to show off his body. In other scenes we’ve shot with him, he was daydreaming out in fantasy-land. But this time he is present and completely in the moment as flexes his biceps and proudly displays his chiseled chest. My favorite shots in this set, which I’m sure you will agree, are the ones featuring his perfectly round little bubble butt. 

This compact, tight, perfectly formed European spitfire is hot to trot and loves the fact that guys are at home jerking off to him, and he is happy to oblige. In fact, knowing there is an audience at home gives him a bigger thrill. Leave your comments, it will turn him on even more when he reads them later!

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He is absolutely gorgeous - beautifully toned body and a nice cock, but the eyes are really nice :-)


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