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Alexandre : Photos : Studio 1010 Black 58 Photos

Alexandre : Photos : Studio 1010 Black

This set contains 58 photos and is NSFW

Alexandre represents the beauty of the human form whether it's his exotically handsome face or his picture-perfect muscled & defined body. Alexandre can look tough. He can look sweet & romantic. He can look mysterious. And he is all of them--a multi-faceted man that no matter what look he has, is ultimately fascinating. You may think you have an idea of who Alexandre is, but you'll still be driven to find out more.

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Comments: 2

Alexandre is one fantastic looking man. What a body and what a shame that there are no videos of him. I am sure that I am not the only person out here who would love to see this hunk in a really hot video. Is he too shy?????
Very sexy man


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Total Views: 10559
Photos: 58
Model: Alexandre
Categories: Shaved, Uncut, Ink / Tatoos

Hadyn Taggert

Vin Marco

Mike Buffalari

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