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Mitchell Rock : Photos : Ocotillo 80 Photos

Mitchell Rock : Photos : Ocotillo

This set contains 80 photos and is NSFW

Mitchell Rock doesn't need to hear the compliments, he doesn't crave the praise. His eyes and serious look tell you he doesn't care what you think. He KNOWS how handsome and powerfully built he is. Thickly muscled and with tattoos etched into his cannonball shoulders, Mitchell Rock embodies the confidence and physical beauty of the well-disciplined bodybuilder. He may not show it in his face but his body language tells you he is turned on by his own muscles and his uncanny ability to show them off in their best form.

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Comments: 2

It seems that beautiful horse in the desert with no name has a name after all!
Mitchell makes the dessert bloom


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Photos: 80
Model: Mitchell Rock
Categories: Shaved, Outdoors, Pornstar, Competitive Bodybuilder, Ink / Tatoos




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