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Damon Danilo : Photos : Window 44 Photos

Damon Danilo : Photos : Window

This set contains 44 photos and is NSFW

Your eyes may be riveted by the perfectly sculpted torso, ripped abs and the baseball biceps of Damon Danilo, but you'll also be captivated by his intensely serious and soulful eyes. Damon is that focused guy you see at the gym whom you've watched lift his weights, pump his body and seen his progress as he's grown and carved out his physique. He inspires you to work out harder and concentrate but he also distracts because you simply can't turn away. And that makes him work out that much harder because he knows eyes are glued to his physique.

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big cock
cock ball ass body mmmm perfect:)


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Photos: 44
Model: Damon Danilo
Categories: Shaved, Straight, Hung, Ink / Tatoos



Aaron Austin

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