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Euro-hunk Michael Davros begins this scene with a very slow striptease, with emphasis on the word "tease". If you like young, fresh beef you'll appreciate how he takes his time stretching, flexing, primping and playing to the camera. 


By the time he finally removes his white jockey shorts, we've already been treated to a fine muscle show, but it gets more interesting as his shapely round bubble butt is revealed to be covered in a light layer of fine fur. 


With a bit of baby oil glistening his skin, he clearly enjoys fondling his own arms, chest, belly, and thighs. He's enjoying it as much as the viewer. As he lays down face first on a chocolate colored futon cover, he grinds his cock into the cushions reveling in the appreciation of his own body. He doesn't even get hard until about 2/3 of the way into the scene, but muscle fans won't even mind, there is plenty to fantasize about here, with the hard-on as just an added bonus. 


His uncut Euro-cock gets bigger than expected when erect. HIs gyrations and self-love indicate that it's muscle that triggers his sexual fantasies - either his own prominent collection of muscle or perhaps even the visualization of muscle on other men.  


His cum shot arrives as the culmination of using his own body as an object of desire, as your's will, too. 

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Favorites: 2 Ratings: 5
Total Views: 9803
Run Time: 24 Mins, 10 Sec

Model: Michael Davros
Categories: Straight, Cum Shot, Uncut, Jocks

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LIVE Archive: Hadyn Tagge

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