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With dark hair and sporting a close-cropped beard, at first glance, Spencer seems like a bit of a bad boy. Sprawled on a leather couch with his shirt pulled up, he starts by massaging his rock hard belly, making each individual ripple protrude like the proverbial “washboard”. From there, he moves on to examining every nuance of his ripped biceps and triceps. 

After finally removing the shirt, his hands move down into his pants getting his cock ready to be exposed. Though he gets hard easily, he pulls out his smart phone to look at his favorite porn to really get the juices flowing. When the camera moves to an overhead shot, it zooms in on the veins popping out of his upper arms, shoulders and upper chest. 

Now in a trance, Spencer is jacking his cock forcefully, with the mushroom head engorged with blood. From a side shot, the camera frames the best angle possible of Spencer’s rippled abs, swollen pecs and perky nipples. His cum shot is so explosive and furious, the editor chose to show it in slow motion to see every drop of cum as it splatters like a leaky garden hose all over his face and chest. 

The look on Spencer’s face as he turns to the camera for the final shot will give you shivers. 

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Comments: 4

I wish he wore an underwear.
Alex, right on! Full like Spencer's or nice and tight like Vin's I always like to see the whole package. (I love 'em tight like Vin's)
Hot video. Only wish his pants were lower so I could have seen his balls too.
hot smooth bod great arms, abs, and cum shot


Favorites: 13 Ratings: 9
Total Views: 52889
Run Time: 11 Mins, 16 Sec

Model: Spencer
Categories: Straight, Cum Shot, Novice Bodybuilder, Hung, Young Muscle

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LIVE Archive: Angelo Anto

LIVE Archive: Kerry

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