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Derek Atlas is at the top of his game. His body is built to perfection, and though he is still rather youthful, there is no mistaking that he is a man’s man. The beef piles on his big frame as if it’s meant to be there, and we can no doubt expect to see much more muscular growth from Derek Atlas. He started out as a power lifter but decided to “cut it up to look better”. 

Stripped down to his Armani underwear he claims, “If I had my way, I’d never wear clothes.” (No complaints here!) His nipples are very sensitive and he loves to have them played with best of all. 

As a professional model, he gets free underwear from various manufacturers all the time, so he tries on a few pairs for us. After confessing an interest in another Manifest Men model, a viewer asks what kind of guys he likes, to which he replies, “Sometimes young guys, but I like a sugar daddy once in a while. I like to be pampered.” 

At about 24 minutes, he starts talking sex while he strokes his cock. His dick is as meaty and well-formed as the rest of his body, and he loves to put on a show for the audience with lots of close-ups of his hairy chest and hard cock. Unlike many live show performers that don’t want to give too much away, Derek actually gets turned on by the attention. He even bends over, spreads his cheeks and shows off his hairy butt hole to the camera as he jacks his big cock! 

For the big finale, he points the tip of his dick directly at the camera and shoots his load right on the desktop, relieving himself after saving it up for a couple days. 

If you ever get a chance to see Derek Atlas do another live show, don’t miss it!

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Comments: 2

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YES! Handsome, hot bod, & a uncontrollable desire to get naked. Perfect


Favorites: 2 Ratings: 11
Total Views: 13749
Run Time: 47 Mins, 56 Sec

Model: Derek Atlas
Categories: Cum Shot, Posing / Flexing, Live Archive, Novice Bodybuilder, Hung, Hairy

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