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Logan : Videos : Oceanview Directors Edition Sign In To Watch

A tower of muscle on a solitary beach with only you to enjoy the show.  Great way to spend a summer day.  The original footage for this video was lost and recently found.  We are happy to present this extended look at hard smooth muscle from a native son of California: Logan

On a deserted stretch of beach the solitary figure of smooth, tall muscle man Logan strides along until he finds a spot where he lays back and strokes his growing cock. At first Logan starts off slowly and almost casually, the camera following the play of his big hard muscles as he does. Logan then starts to stroke faster, the pleasure registering in the way he body flexes & writhes. Soon Logan he throws his whole pumped up body into stroking his tall, towering cock, using his legs to thrust his hips upwards as he gets closer. Finally with his back almost arched he shoots his load over his abs and releases his thick hard cock. Logan removes his glasses and smiles at his still hard & towering cock and his big load. Vin Marco is there to "congratulate" Logan on his first time video cum shot & get a double biceps shot out of him before they head off to their photo shoot.

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Comments: 5

damn nice bod, real masculine HOT
I have to agree, watching him walk naked from behind is the best part. More Logan!!!!!!
He is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best part was watching him walk naked and especially from behind. Handsome boy with cute butt.
That was wonderful. What a body and face. That smile after cumming!


Favorites: 12 Ratings: 9
Total Views: 19235
Run Time: 22 Mins, 41 Sec

Model: Logan
Categories: Shaved, Bald, Straight, Cum Shot, Competitive Bodybuilder, Hung, Ink / Tatoos

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LIVE Archive: Caesar

Logan Studio 1010 Balcony

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