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An erotic web cam chat is recreated with unbelievably ripped muscle man Christian Adams. While sitting naked in a darkened room and chatting with his web audience, handsome Christian shifts in his chair just enough to show his perfectly carved and beautifully developed muscles. When he stands and shows off his rock hard legs he barely has to flex to let you know that they are almost surreal perfection. He doesn't stop there, turning to slightly thrust out his rock hard bubble butt and turning back to tease you with torso shots you might see in an art museum. While running his hands over his legs and moving in an achingly slow hypnotic dance the sexual tension rises. When Christian Adams is done teasing, he moves the camera to show off his calves and prove his ENTIRE body is perfection and then moves the camera again for a full-fledged flex. As the words of his online chatter come across the screen praising his body, Christian's face and flexing routine register supreme confidence and exuberance. As an added bonus Vin Marco interviews and compliments a soft spoken Christian Adams who exhibits the quiet self confidence and refreshing modesty that you might not see in the course of the video.

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Favorites: 9 Ratings: 5
Total Views: 14105
Run Time: 9 Mins, 26 Sec

Model: Christian Adams
Categories: Shaved, Uncut, Facial Hair

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LIVE Archive: Caesar

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