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MMTV: Vic Rocco and Vin Marco

Vic Rocco Studio 1010

Vic Rocco Vin Marco Converse

MMTV: Vic Rocco

LIVE Archive: Vic Rocco

LIVE Archive: Vic Rocco

Vic Rocco Ocean View

Vic Rocco Studio 1010

Vic Rocco: Studio 1010 Stairs

Behind The Scenes: Vic Rocco

Vic Rocco
Intensely masculine Vic Rocco is steel hard ripped muscle from head to toe, from back to front and is among the most symetrical models you'll find here. He is also hung long and thick. Vic knows how use his muscles and his meaty cock to seduce anyone with who looks his way. When you separate the men from the boys you'll find Vic Rocco at the top of the list.


Height: 6'1"
Chest: 50"
Hair: Brown
Weight: 210
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 18"
Quads: 29"
Body Hair: Hairy


Favorites: 26

Ratings: 35
Total Views: 27576

Comments: 7

A real man in every sense of the word! More Vic Rocco please.
This guy is fantastic!
Vic just oozes masculinity! To truly appreciate him, one HAS to see his vids - that's where he comes to live, literally. He's simply amazing!
Please more of Big Vic Rocco real soon! Please
can't stop watching him. Damn, he's too hot.
Please more of Him soon! He is the best!!
The best just the best there is!

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