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Trey Rexx Suite 02

Trey Rexx Suite 01

Trey Rexx
Trey Rexx will immediatley mind you of Tarzan or that surfer or lifeguard you see at the beach--the tousled blond-haired free-spirited golden boy grown into well-defined muscled manhood. Trey Rexx's innocent looks hide a highly charged and natural sexual nature that surfaces in all his videos. Trey Rexx moves with the grace and elegance of an animal in and out of bed and he pleasures himself without inhibition, never posing, exploring every part of his body.


Height: 6'0"
Chest: 48"
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 215
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Green
Biceps: 18.5"
Quads: 28"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 5

Ratings: 5
Total Views: 10629

Comments: 1


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