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Rusty Winchester Directed Pt 2

Rusty Winchester Directed Pt 1

Rusty Winchester Pt 2

Rusty Winchester Pt 1

Frank & Rusty Bound Pt 2

Frank & Rusty Bound Pt 1

Rusty Winchester
With his heavy thick muscles and innocent boyish face, Rusty Winchester looks like he was genetically engineered on a ranch. But there's more to Rusty than that. There's a steely determination is his face and look of supreme power when he strips and flexes.The beauty of Rusty Winchester is when he looks at his own body, even HE seems overwhelmed by his sheer mass.


Height: 5'10"
Chest: 49"
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 237
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Hazel
Biceps: 20"
Quads: 30"
Body Hair: Smooth


Favorites: 28

Ratings: 32
Total Views: 26971

Comments: 2

Terrific muscles and a great cock and balls. some more please!!
Rusty is a great muscled performer - good to see some more of him!!

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