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Peter Latz Studio 1010 Pt 3

Peter Latz Studio 1010 Pt 2

Peter Latz Studio 1010 Pt 1

Peter Latz Studio 1010 Finale

Peter Latz Ride Along

Peter Latz
Peter Latz would be the resukt if took the best features of many of our resident models to create the perfect muscle man. And yet, Peter Latz is one of a kind. Flawlessly muscled with perhaps the widest lats and carved out abs you've ever seen. Then there's that handsome face that can look intensely fierce and powerful until he flashes that broad smile and become your best bud. Peter Latz wouldn't be the type but he could easily dare you to find a flaw on his body and you'd lose the challenge.


Height: 5'7"
Chest: 52"
Hair: Brown
Weight: 225
Waist: 29"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 20"
Quads: 28"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 18

Ratings: 21
Total Views: 19128

Comments: 1


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