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Monster Mike 02

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Monster Mike
Monster Mike represents the darker, edgier side of your muscle lust. His huge muscled body, his tattoos, his shaved head and intense look remind you of the cop, the marine, the ex-con that you better not mess with. But you are drawn to Monster Mike. Admit it. You want him to talk trash to you as much as you want to watch him verbally and physically explore his own body. And you''ll know that Monster Mike''s brutal and overt sexual demeanor is real.


Height: 5'11"
Chest: 50"
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Weight: 275
Waist: 33"
Eyes: Hazel
Biceps: 22"
Quads: 30"
Body Hair: Natural


Favorites: 8

Ratings: 9
Total Views: 16410

Comments: 1

I re-joined for this awesome daddy, love his posing and flexing, annd his 'tache. Shame we don't see his cock

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