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Frank DeFeo Pool Pt 5

Frank DeFeo Pool Pt 3

Frank DeFeo Pool Pt 2

Frank DeFeo Pool Pt 1

Frank DeFeo Pool Pt 4

Frank & Rusty Bound Pt 2

Frank & Rusty Bound Pt 1

Frank DeFeo Fantasy Pt 3

Frank DeFeo Fantasy Pt 2

Frank DeFeo Fantasy Pt 1

Frank DeFeo Gym Pt 2

Frank DeFeo Gym Pt 1

Frank DeFeo Resort Pt 2

Frank DeFeo Resort Pt 1

Frank DeFeo Suite Pt 3

Frank DeFeo Suite Pt 2

Frank DeFeo Suite Pt 1

Frank DeFeo
Frank "The Tank" De Feo has the superbly developed muscle and the size to get his nickname but he has much more going for him. With his handsome Italian face and piercing eyes Frank De Feo could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood star or physical culture icon from the past. But Frank De Feo definitely belongs in the present, flexing and posing with natural style & beauty.


Height: 5'10"
Chest: 50"
Hair: Brown
Weight: 233
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 19.5"
Quads: 30"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 45

Ratings: 40
Total Views: 62988

Comments: 4

Sexy baby. You still got it Frank. Even better now.
What A Cuttie Pie
He is all Muscle God!

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