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Massive bodybuilder Damien is sitting in his bedroom entertaining members on live chat. He is just over 6’ tall and estimates his weight to be around 255 pounds. He is normally around 270 to 280, but he’s gotten as high as 300 pounds before trimming down to his current weight. He had just competed on stage a few days before and isn’t sure of his current weight, but he came in first place, and it was “an easy win” in the Heavyweight category. 

Asked about other sports, he also likes fly fishing and used to compete in gymnastics until his body got too big for it. He also enjoys doing “role play” wrestling with his special “muscle worship” clients. 

At around 15 minutes in, Damien removes his outer shirt and begins flexing his arms. He admits that his arms are probably one of his best features, but when he removes his tank top to reveal his bare chest, we really get to see how wide his back and shoulders are and get a sense of how much muscle is packed onto his body. 

Walking around in everyday life or working out at the gym, Damien says he always wears big, loose fitting clothes because he doesn’t want to attract unwanted attention. That means viewers are getting an extra special treat by seeing him bare it all. 

At about 30 minutes in, Damien gives us a close-up of his ripped abs and teases us by removing his sweatpants. He now gives us a show of his thick legs. At 35 minutes, he shows his back and flexes his guns. By 40 minutes, he discovers his dick getting hard and lays back on the bed to stroke his cock in his underwear. 

Originally broadcast November 16, 2011

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Total Views: 14878
Run Time: 58 Mins, 44 Sec

Model: Damien
Categories: Shaved, Daddy Muscle, Posing / Flexing, Competitive Bodybuilder, Live Archive

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