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Rusty Winchester : Photos : Texan 16 Photos

Rusty Winchester : Photos : Texan

This set contains 16 photos and is NSFW

With his heavy thick muscles and innocent boyish face, Rusty Winchester looks like he was genetically engineered on a ranch. But there's more to Rusty than that. There's a steely determination is his face and look of supreme power when he strips and flexes.The beauty of Rusty Winchester is when he looks at his own body, even HE seems overwhelmed by his sheer mass.

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Comments: 1

Rusty keeping his important assets hidden but still very sexy


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Total Views: 9701
Photos: 16
Model: Rusty Winchester
Categories: Shaved, Straight, Competitive Bodybuilder, Novice Bodybuilder, Blonde

Vin Marco

Vin Marco

Mike Buffalari

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