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Logan : Photos : Jock 27 Photos

Logan : Photos : Jock

This set contains 27 photos and is NSFW

Tall, handsome & smooth muscular Logan is one of those well-built guys that appears mild mannered & laid-back but whose slightly edgy look and sly, sexual smile lets you know there's more going on. Inside he's a slow-burning sexual dynamo who enjoys showing off--and when he knows he's being watched that makes him all the more ready to let loose the fiery inner Logan.

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Comments: 3

come visit Poland!please!
im crazy about him!
Easily one of my favorite Manifest Men: Logan!


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Total Views: 16796
Photos: 27
Model: Logan
Categories: Shaved, Bald, Straight, Competitive Bodybuilder, Ink / Tatoos

Tim Adonis

Damon Danilo

Vin Marco

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