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In this live show re-broadcast, blond hairy Kerry gets the show going right away by standing up and giving us a pose down in black jockey shorts. 

He has a lot of muscle packed onto an average sized frame with clearly defined, round biceps and shoulders that peak nicely. Ben has done enough of these live shows that he knows how to keep the action going and keep the conversation flowing. 

A viewer teases Kerry that he needs more work on his lower legs, but upon removing his socks and flexing his extremely defined calf muscles, that accusation is completely unfounded. 

Without much fanfare, Kerry strips off his underwear to show off his tan line, revealing his cute butt and an impressive cock, even at half-mast. 

When asked his stats, Kerry’s first response is “I have an 8 inch cock, if that’s what you want to know, and I know how to use it.” Otherwise, he claims 17.5” arms, 46-48” chest, and 25” quads, but he qualifies that by stating they are estimates. He measures by the mirror not by the scale or tape because it’s more important to focus on proportion and symmetry. 

To keep himself pumped up for the show, he pulls out a big rubber band device, making his muscles pop even more. 

He breezed through the question about food and skipped to the question about his sex life admitting that he is bisexual and enjoys sex with both men and women. With coaching from the viewers to help him get the right camera angle, Ben finally sits down to stroke his cock.  


Manifest Men's Man of the Year for 2011 Kerry's LIVE show orginally broadcast 1/25/12.

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Comments: 1

Another awesome performance from an incredibly handsome, masculine, smart, and truly friendly man. Thanks and congrats on being Manifest 2011 Man of the Year! Will be looking out for when you are on the road and your next Manifest session.


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Total Views: 13175
Run Time: 49 Mins, 0 Sec

Model: Kerry
Categories: Posing / Flexing, Live Archive, Hairy, Blonde

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