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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Ben struts his ripped blond & muscular nude body along the shore of an isolated beach & lies back on his towel to sun himself. Right away he can't keep his hands from playing with his own rock hard muscles & turning himself on. With no one around Ben Kieren takes a moment to lightly hump the towel before turning over to jack his already rock hard cock. He spreads his legs apart slightly to let his massive balls hang loose and begins to stroke his cock pausing periodically to feel up his flexed biceps and run his hand ovcer his furry ripped abs. With his head thrown back and his entire body flexed Ben strokes his cock with tremendous intensity, grunting & groaning till he shoots over his flexed abs.

VIN'S NOTES: If perfection can be be improved, Ben is the prime example of just that! This time was a bit different from Ben's debut shoot with us 3 months ago. This most recent shoot with our only exclusive model could not have been better. Ben arrived even more cut than last time, and MUCH bigger. Most of us struggle with trying to get cut and staying big, but Ben actually got bigger and managed to come in tighter with regard to his conditioning. Both Alex and I commented and noticed Ben's gains in his size. As Alex put it "This stud is RIPPED!!"
Ben is definitely more comfortable in front of the camera. It was almost as if my camera was a mirror he could see himself in, he was really getting into the poses, leaving behind any reservations and newbie "stiffness" (no pun intended). I think each time we shoot with Ben, he will be even better than the previous time, if that's even possible. He's such a down to earth guy, really funny, and quite the conversationalist. Ben is definitely in a league of his own... In our business, there just aren't that many real blond, hairy bodybuilders that are willing to show it all off and I mean really show it all off!
The shoot pretty much started in the electrical room of our loft. Alex had seen some images of male models shot with hard direct over heard light, and the electrical room was perfect for that type of setting. I have some of my old tool bags from my former life and it was great to see them on Ben. He liked the idea so much that when it was time for hard ons, we had to be careful not to get the tool bags caught on his "tool" as you will see in the videos and photos. One of these photos so captured Alex he immediately put it on the main page of Manifest Men!
This February shoot was great. We had really outstanding weather. We had tried to get this stud on our favorite nude beach the first time he came to us but weather did not permit. This time, we were really lucky to have 80 degree weather in the dead of winter here on the coast of Southern California. We shot both video and stills on the beach and I think Ben may have inspired some of my best beach/sunset work to date. Being that the weather was so great, we had a lot more foot traffic down at the beach than we typically see. Ben probably had some sort of an audience at every point of this beach shoot. We even had the military police walk by as I was taking photos and the video cameras were rolling... I thought for sure we were going to be asked to stop shooting but the two military police just nodded there heads almost as to say "good day" or "carry on" and kept on walking by. After the incident with the two military police, we had two gentlemen walk by and ask me when I was going to get in front of the lens, I simply said, today all the glory belongs to that blonde stud over there. I told them who I was and what we were shooting for. They were very excited to see a Manifest Man naked on the beach with a big hardon! Naked hairy blond bodybuilders? As Alex said "They don't come any better in more ways than one!" Cheers to Ben! I can't wait to shoot him again.

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Comments: 4

Ben's a fantastic looking guy. Hope it is written into his contract that he never shaves that delicious blond fuzz! More of Ben please!
Man, I've never seen a man with a more perfect body. Ben is fantastic. Those muscles, and all of that body hair gets me "jacking" as well. Just give me a couple of hours alone with Ben naked on a beach that's all I ask. Skippy
you were so right to say they dont CUM any Better than this gorgeous hairy hunk from Boston...I could watch him ripple everyday
OH MY I cant write on here what Id like to do with this gorgeous hairy muscle hunk lets just say it would be xxxrated and so scorching hot ...He would be unforgetable !!


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Total Views: 32266
Run Time: 11 Mins, 34 Sec

Model: Ben
Categories: Straight, Cum Shot, Bear Muscle, Outdoors, Behind The Scenes, Novice Bodybuilder, Hairy, Blonde

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