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Solo Muscle Vol 05

Manifest Men Solo Muscle Vol 05 brings you four of the hottest muscle studs around as well as bonus features! 


If you like gritty aggressive verbal muscle worship then you'll love seeing Caesar in his Manifest video debut. Lying in bed Caesar looks right at you confidently knowing that you want him talk to you forcefully as he flexes and poses. Caesar stands up right away and puts on a muscle show, pointing out every hard muscle and in his cocky tone demands that you stroke in front of him. After roughly handling his steel hard muscles, and punching his own rock hard abs Caesar lies back again & continues his verbal assault as he flexes. Knowing that he's being watched and jacked off to as he flexes and talks nasty is exactly what Caesar needs to grip his own cock and jack it like he's handling a power tool, Even after he shoots on his fuzzy abs he still has the energy to give you a verbal send off and a flex of his arms. Caesar is a modern legend! 


Get to know Haydn Taggert VERY up close & personal in a recreation of a Manifest audition / interview. After sitting on a stool Haydn Taggert strips off his tank to reveal his wide shoulders & flex his 20" guns. As he poses Haydn Taggert reveals how often he works out & shaves his body, how he shows off & what he likes to show (his ripped vascular legs). With every question he answers Hayden Taggert shows poise, charm & self-confidence & when he strips nude he is completely uninhibited. He oils up his muscles, flexes & jacks off (often at once) until he cums on the floor, leaving him standing there with his sweat & oil coated body & his heaving chest & rippling abs. 


When Mike Buffalari struts into the room with his big leather jacket unzipped & his ripped body peeling through you'll know you're in for different kind of muscle worship video from this young bodybuilder. Using his quiet but commanding voice Mike Buffalari strips off his jacket, flexes his smooth, rock-hard muscles & teases you with some hard ass-slapping. Mike Buffalari slowly pulls off his tight black briefs & reveals a hard muscle cock that he begins to stroke. He stands flexing, his cock bobbing in the air until Mike Buffalari sits on the floor jacks his cock. When he cums & shoots his load he doesn't hold back--Mike Buffalari practically shouts out his orgasm.



Wearing a form-fitting t-shirt & briefs, Vic Rocco hops on top of a Studio 1010 counters & towers above the camera, a living Greek god statue on a pedestal. Flexing & feeling up his ripped muscled legs and showing off turns him on so much that when he turns his mushroom cock is straining against the material of his briefs. He looks down and talks to his unseen audience, stripping off his briefs & shirt and flexing. As he speaks in his deep sexy voice he sits on the counter to stroke his growing cock, flexing and running his hands across his hard hairy chest, stopping to tweaks & stroke more. Vic Rocco then walks out onto the terrace and sits back to finish off in the fiery light of the setting sun. Vic Rocco is on fire---he strokes his raging hard cock faster & faster, grunting & moaning and continuing to speak to you as he pumps thick load out of his steel hard cock.

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