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Derek Russo Gym

Derek Russo
With his closely cropped hair and ruggedly handsome good looks Derek Russo looks like a strong and silent modern day Roman gladiator. It may be difficult to determine what may be his best feature. It could be his intensely riveting eyes, his playfully sexual smile or more than likely his thick and powerful musculature. You can see the strength in his broad shoulders, thick arms and one of the most beautifully formed pair of legs and glutes imaginable. Close your eyes and you can easily picture Derek Russo wielding a sword battling in the arena with strength, skill and with surprisingly graceful moves.


Height: 6'3"
Chest: 48"
Hair: Brown
Weight: 240
Waist: 33"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 19"
Quads: 28"
Body Hair: Trimmed


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Ratings: 26
Total Views: 24986

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So handsome and so so hot!!!!

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