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Preview: Kyle Stevens

Kyle Stevens

LIVE Archive: Kyle Stevens

Kyle Stevens Debut Pt 3

Kyle Stevens Debut Pt 2

Kyle Stevens Debut Pt 1

LIVE Archive: Kyle Stevens

LIVE Archive: Kyle Stevens

Kyle Stevens Suite Pt 2

Kyle Stevens Suite Pt 1

Kyle Stevens: Repose

Kyle Stevens
Kyle Stevens is the total package: the rare combination of size and symmetry; thickness and definition; serious demeanor and friendly charm. Kyle also has an uncanny ability and talent to present his body with pride in a flawlessly choreographed, almost ballet-like posing style. And yet, Kyle Stevens retains a raw masculine aura. You see it in his ruggedly handsome face, in his penetrating eyes and in a smile that reflects a man whose self-confidence is as strong as his body.


Height: 5'8"
Chest: 50"
Hair: Bald
Weight: 230
Waist: 31"
Eyes: Hazel
Biceps: 20"
Quads: 28"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 24

Ratings: 33
Total Views: 25116

Comments: 2

Wonderfull: Chest, Arms, Legs!!

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