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Blake Nolan Tool Raw

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Blake Nolan
Blake Nolan is in control and wants you to know it. This hairy-chested and goateed muscled man only has to give you the LOOK and you know who is boss. He loves to display every inch of his manhood and he does it proudly. When Blake Nolan moves and strokes himself he knows he's turning you on because that's what HE wants to happen and you are powerless against the LOOK. Blake Nolan will tell you with his eyes when you have permission to get closer.


Height: 6'1"
Chest: 49"
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 240
Waist: 33"
Eyes: Green
Biceps: 19"
Quads: 28.5"
Body Hair: Hairy


Favorites: 17

Ratings: 21
Total Views: 25030

Comments: 1

What a sexy Man!

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