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Titus Eberhardt
His name and classically handsome look conjures up the image of a strong and powerful Roman emperor. But the massive, thickly muscled body of Titus is like a statue of a Roman god, reborn and resculpted for our modern age. But Titus is very real and the serious and self-confident gaze of Titus reiterate that his body is no conjured up fantasy. To be in his presence - that is the fantasy worth fulfilling.


Height: 5'10"
Chest: 51"
Hair: Brown
Weight: 220
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Green
Biceps: 21"
Quads: 26"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 23

Ratings: 21
Total Views: 26932

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Amazing Defintion = Total Package !!!

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