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Kash Fernando Studio 1010 Bed

Kash Fernando Studio 1010

Kash Fernando
Kashh has the kind of body that may cause you to do a double-take. Are his pecs really that hard, tight & sculpted? Is his skin really that rich & tan? And can anyone really be that hypnotically and exotically good-looking? The answer to all is yes and yet there's much more to Kashh than meets the eye. His soft-spoken nature masks a cat-like sexuality that comes out in his words and actions. You may be romantically seduced by Kassh but you'll easily be dominated by his muscular sexuality.


Height: 5'6"
Chest: 48"
Hair: Black
Weight: 185
Waist: 29"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 18"
Quads: 26"
Body Hair: Smooth


Favorites: 5

Ratings: 8
Total Views: 11658

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