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LIVE Archive: Ben

LIVE Archive: Ben

LIVE Archive: Ben

Ben: Shower

LIVE Archive: Ben

Behind The Scenes: Ben

Ben: Blonde Muscle

Ben: Cellar

Ben: Beach

Ben: Studio Black

MMTV: Ben and Vin

Ben Studio 1010 Debut

LIVE Archive: Ben

LIVE Archive: Ben

Manifest Men exclusive Ben is the rare kind of photogenic young muscle man that satisfies virtually every fantasy. Blond & hairy with a ripped muscle body he's the All-American athlete, the sweet guy next door, the tough masculine outdoors man, or maybe something more. It's up to you to decide once you see this hot man in action. They don't come any better than this stud. Ben is our first exclusive Manifest Man!


Height: 5'9
Chest: 48
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 185
Waist: 29
Eyes: Hazel
Biceps: 18
Quads: 20
Body Hair: Hairy


Favorites: 80

Ratings: 86
Total Views: 184295

Comments: 5

I wait for Ben Kieren -cowboy, military, country boy, army
he is so awsome
Ben has just about the best body around. I'd like to see more of him in the future. Any plans for that? I agree...stats would be greatly appreciated. Skippy
Naturally and incredibly sexy man's man!! Great to see more of him in the future and also know his stats above.
Exclusive...to say nothing about Exciting,Exhilarating,Exemplary...and if anyone should be an Example of Erotic Exhibitionism, this MAN qualifies as a stimulating study of Perfect Proportional Physique - truly Phenomenal...

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