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Zeb Atlas : Photos : Hairy Muscle 92 Photos

Zeb Atlas : Photos : Hairy Muscle

This set contains 92 photos and is NSFW

There is no one that comes close to the muscular beauty of Zeb Atlas--his gargantuan and defined muscles seem to have exploded from his massive frame. There are no flaws on this super-human man whether looking at his confident and handsome face, his thick and wide lats, his dense chest and arms, his redwood sized legs, or even the thick muscle cock that hangs between them. The ancient god Atlas does live on earth today.

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Comments: 4

Zeb is the ultimate alpha male. Magnificently muscled, great smooth, fantastic hairy. Excellent camera work from Vin.
a nice hairy en sexy body to love
Zeb is king of the Web - very tasty


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Photos: 92
Model: Zeb Atlas
Categories: Straight, Pornstar, Competitive Bodybuilder, Hung

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