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Xavier : Photos : Hairy Glow 43 Photos

Xavier : Photos : Hairy Glow

This set contains 43 photos and is NSFW

Xavier is one of those no-nonsense attitude-free muscle men with an tough, disciplined and serious masculine look and a thickly muscled body to back it up. Take one look into Xavier's eyes and you'll know what we mean. It doesn't take much imagination to picture Xavier in a variety of roles---construction worker, football jock, leather man, etc. And each one he would fit perfectly and he'd do it with a smile.

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behind Xavier posing in a doorway, this photo session suddenly becomes a stand-out. 

Xavier’s body is so perfect, posing for the camera seems effortless. He merely has to stand there and move a little to take our breath away. But in order to make posing so easy, the real effort is spent in the gym building a body for us to adore. 

With a full beard, hairy chest and multiple tattoos, Xavier transcends the traditional look of a competitive bodybuilder, morphing into a meaty creature built for sex. Two-thirds of the photos go by before he even touches his cock, but he gets himself hard almost as fast as we do. 

Are you ready to bury your face in that chest? 

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