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Entering like Joe Cool in a shiny suit, white shirt and shades, Tyler David does a little strip tease like a stripper at a bachelorette party. Stripping down to black boxers and doing the old bump-and-grind, he takes his time to make it sexy. 

From there, the camera gets very up close and personal with dramatic shots from below that are so intimate you can smell the salty sweat of his balls just by watching. 

Tyler is a hunky little guy with a mostly smooth body in perfect proportions with nipples that just beg to be chewed. He’s got he clean-cut look that works on the runway and a certain sweetness about him even your Mom would love. But he’s nasty, too. You can tell by way he pulls on his foreskin, stretches his ball sack and grinds his dick into the mattress that he has an itch that needs to be scratched. 

For a young guy, he’s got some beef on him and maybe a little baby fat that makes him even more endearing. When he lays on his back and starts pumping his dick feverishly, his pecs and nipples stand at attention. Get a membership and your cock will, too!

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Favorites: 6 Ratings: 5
Total Views: 20673
Run Time: 20 Mins, 25 Sec

Model: Tyler David
Categories: Straight, Cum Shot, Uncut, Jocks

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