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Vin Marco: Muscle Spa

Vin Marco: Desert Heat

Vin Marco Self Portrait

Vin Marco: Inked Muscle

Vin Marco: Window

Vin Marco: Red

Vin Marco: New York

Vin Marco Desert

Vin Marco Coveralls

Manifest Men Group

Vin Marco Roughneck

Vin Marco Alley

Vin Marco Rope

Vin Marco Torn

Vin Marco Shower

Vin Marco Maple

Vin Marco Football

Vin Marco Studio White

Vin Marco Overalls

Vin Marco Grey Tank

Vin Marco Suit

Vin Marco Red Tank

Vin Marco Mirror

Vin Marco Industrial

Vin Marco Stairs

Vin Marco Tunnel

Vin Marco Bedroom

Vin Marco
Vin Marco is the muscleman whose sculpted, jaw-dropping and ripped physique looks amazing from every angle and inspires both envy and inspiration. His intricately tattooed body exudes power that explodes when he moves, flexes and poses. His multi-faceted looks and aura of self-confidence invite both admiration and worship. Vin Marco knows when he flexes that you want to reach out and feel out of desire and to convince yourself that his near-perfection is real. Vin Marco's mere presence is intimidating but you will melt when he lets loose and smiles, reassuring you that he is as down-to-earth as you had hoped and dreamed. You can see him LIVE HERE!


Height: 6'1"
Chest: 50"
Hair: Shaved
Weight: 235
Waist: 32"
Eyes: Brown
Biceps: 20"
Quads: 29"
Body Hair: Shaved


Favorites: 57

Ratings: 43
Total Views: 79329

Comments: 8

Amazing body and talented photographer!
Dude, you are totally awesome! So are your favorite toys!
you totally turn me on. amazing body.
gorgeous man. love the vic rocco photo shoot where vin is naked the whole time on the beach as he is photographing him mmm:)
your so hot! wish i knew you in person.
I came back to Manifest men, only wanting to see Vin... I am dissapointed most of the vids have been removed and there are very few vids of him.
one of the Hottest men out there

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